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Do Clear Aligners Actually Work?

For many people, when they think of teeth straightening, they picture a mouth full of uncomfortable metal braces. Adults can put off getting their teeth straightened because they don’t want to deal with the annoyance of braces. When some people first hear about clear aligners as a replacement for traditional metal braces for straightening their […]

Tooth Filling

Sick of All Those Fillings? Take Care of Your Teeth!

An astonishing number of Americans have one or more untreated cavities. There are countless reasons for serious tooth decay, but all fall under the guise of poor oral hygiene. Some patients are always getting cavities filled and that is more than inconvenient, it is quite costly and often avoidable. Preventing Dental Issues There are simple […]

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Is Chewing Gum Bad for Your Teeth?

You may have heard it both ways—either chewing gum is bad for your teeth or good because it helps clean them. So which is it? Avoid Chewing Gum Sweetened with Sugar If it were ever declared that gum is categorically bad for your teeth, it would most likely be because of the sugar added to […]

Our Smiles Love Healthy Snacks

Our Smiles Love Healthy Snacks

There is a number of reasons to keep away from constantly snacking on sugary foods. You know it’s easier to keep a healthy figure when you eat healthy, but did you know that you can make your teeth happy, too? Snacking Factors Can Increase Dental Decay Risk The two major snacking factors that influence cavities […]

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What Should You Do the Day Before Getting Braces?

Getting braces marks a new stage in your life. Hopefully, it’s not too scary for you. It’s true that a lot of things change! There are a lot of foods that will soon be off limits, and there are some teeth cleaning routines that will have to change if you truly want your smile to […]

5 Benefits of Flossing Daily

5 Benefits of Flossing Daily

When the dentist asks you how your flossing habits are doing, is it an easy question to answer? It can be hard to answer honestly sometimes, but whether you lie and say you floss every day, or you are honest and tell him you never do it, it doesn’t matter: the dentist can tell as […]