All the Information You Want about Full Mouth Dentures

Jun 01, 2020

You may have several questions about dentures in your mind if you are considering getting them, already have them or have a family member or friend with dentures. The information following on this blog is giving you all the information you want what dentures are, how they can improve your oral health and how you should be caring for them. We intend to help you find answers to all the questions you have in mind about dentures to understand whether these appliances might be the solution you need.

Dentures — What Are They?

Dentures are nothing but artificial teeth and gums fabricated by your dentist for replacing lost or extracted natural teeth. They can either be complete or partial indicating all your teeth on the top or bottom gum line or just a few can be replaced by dentures. The dentures will be custom-designed for your mouth regardless of the type you need and matched visually to resemble your existing teeth.

What Are Dentures Made From?

Earlier porcelain or plastic was used to fabricate the dentures but currently, the hard resin is used to make the artificial teeth. The materials being used are identified as more fragile than natural teeth and can crack or chip if dropped or uncared for. Hard resin also wears faster than natural teeth and must, therefore, be replaced by a new set of dentures in approximately five years.

The helping structure of the appliance holding the artificial teeth in position and resembling the natural gum line is also made from a similar resin or a flexible polymer material that fits tightly on the natural gum line.

Why Consider Dentures?

If you have lost all your existing teeth you will do well to consider full mouth dentures near me because they cannot just improve the appearance of your smile but can also keep the structure of your mouth stable by supporting the structures near the cheeks and lips. The full mouth dentures will make it possible for you to have foods that need chewing making it possible for you to maintain your diet and ensure you are properly nourished. Dentures are a suitable solution for you to replace teeth that are causing pain and other oral health issues if they have damaged roots. Having a set of mouth dentures means eliminating the troublesome teeth and replacing them with a strong and beautiful alternative.

Partial Dentures

Tooth replacements of other varieties are often ignored when the surrounding natural teeth are not strong to support replacements like dental bridges and partial dentures are chosen instead. These appliances are fitted to the gum line and fastened to the neighboring natural teeth to keep them from moving. They can easily be removed for cleaning and while sleeping because they are not permanently fastened.

Full Mouth Dentures

Full mouth dentures near the Woodlands that are also known as complete dentures are appliances that can replace all your natural teeth. They can be fitted on the top or bottom gum line to be held in place by suction or an oral adhesive. These appliances can also be removed easily for cleaning and sleeping.

Some other types of full mouth dentures in Magnolia, TX, that are different from traditional permanent dentures are also available and are known as immediate dentures. These appliances are fabricated before the existing teeth are extracted and placed immediately in the mouth after the extraction and during the healing process. These appliances are easy to be refitted than the permanent variety to accommodate changes in the mouth as the swelling in the jaw and gums subside when healing. The immediate dentures can be disposed of when the healing process is completed and your mouth is ready for the permanent appliance.

If you are visiting Tamborello Dentistry you can also access implant-supported dentures that are more stable than the traditional variety.

Cleaning Your Dentures Regularly

Irrespective of the variety you choose your dentures must be cleaned every day like your natural teeth. They can attract microorganisms to develop plaque and tartar that will prove harmful to your existing teeth and gums. Taking the dentures are every day for cleaning is suggested before running clear water over them to dislodge any food particles that may be sticking between the teeth. Using a denture brush and mild soap is also suggested to leave the dentures sparkling white. Before wearing the dentures in the mouth you should ensure your gums are clean and any natural teeth in your mouth are brushed with a bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

We hope we have provided enough information about the type of dentures you can choose and how to take care of them properly. Therefore you just need to believe that if you need these appliances they will be available to you from the dentistry clinic suggested regardless of your age.

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