Are My Child’s Baby Teeth on Schedule?

Jul 01, 2019

When your few month old baby cries and behaves fussy, you may think whether he/she is teething? Though the baby teeth come almost at the same time and same order for babies, there is still a lot of flexibility in the time it takes for a full healthy smile to develop.

Baby teeth form before your baby is born and the 20 teeth under the gums wait to come out at the right time. Though there’s no firm and fast date for these primary teeth to erupt, it’s helpful to have a general overview of teething patterns so that you know what to expect explains the dentist near Magnolia.


Have you ever been bitten by your baby’s tiny sharp teeth while feeding them solid foods? These are the sharp incisors made to bite the food.

  • Six to ten months- The lower central incisors are often the first to come in.
  • Eight to twelve months- the upper incisors are the next to show.
  • Nine to thirteen months- the upper lateral incisors on each side of the front teeth arrive.
  • Ten to sixteen months- the lower lateral incisors appear.

First Molars

As these are larger teeth, babies often experience another round of teething pain at this time. The large flat surface of each molar helps your child to chew and grind food.

  • Thirteen to nineteen months- You can generally expect to see the upper first molars arrive.
  • Fourteen to eighteen months old- the lower first molars appear.

Canines (Cuspids)

They fit between the first molars and the incisors. They are strong and have a pointed shape, which allows the child to grip food and break it apart.

  • Sixteen to twenty-two months- The upper two canines make their way into the space between incisors and first molars.
  • Seventeen to twenty-three months- the two lower canines appear.

Second Molars

By the age of three, most children have a full set of baby teeth.

  • Twenty-three to thirty-one months- The second pair of bottom molars begins to erupt.
  • Twenty-five to thirty-three months- the upper second molars begin to erupt.
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