Common Myths About Sedation Dentistry

May 01, 2020

Sedation dentistry is a practice that focuses on keeping patients calm and relaxed while at the dentist’s. It uses sedatives which are usually administered in a variety of ways. The type of sedative used will often be determined by individual cases and the objective hoped to be achieved at the end. Sedation dentistry in Magnolia, TX is especially beneficial to patients who are extremely afraid of dental visits. For this type of patient, it enables them to get much needed oral care in a practical yet efficient way.

While the whole idea of sedation is to make dental treatments much easier, some people have the idea wrong. To clarify some of this twisted information, we discuss some common misconceptions people have and what the truth really is.

Sedation Always Puts You to Sleep

At the mention of sedation, some people immediately assume a complete loss of consciousness. And while it is true that is some instances you may be completely knocked-off, it is not always the case. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of sedatives and whatever your dentist recommends will depend on the type of treatment, level of fear, etc.

There are three levels of sedation. Minimal sedation allows staying calm and relaxed but very aware of your surroundings. Under moderate sedation, you will experience a depressed level of consciousness but you will still be able to breathe independently and respond to your surroundings. However, you may not have a clear recollection of what happened during the procedure. The third level which is deep sedation is the one that completely depresses your consciousness and leaves you unaware of what is happening. You may also need assistance breathing until the sedative wears off.

The Dosage is the Same

There is no one -size fits all when it comes to dental sedation. Your dentist will usually take into account several factors before establishing what is appropriate for you. Your health status and history, weight, anxiety levels, and age are some of the things used to come up with a safe and effective sedative option. For this reason, it is important to find reputable and licensed dentistry near you to avoid any complications.

It is Only Used for Complex Procedures

If for any reason you feel like sedation can improve your experience at the dentist, you can bring it up during your consultation. Sedation dentistry has proven to be safe and effective even for simple procedures.

It is Just for Patients with Dental Phobia

Although it has proven to be quite effective in dealing with patients with extreme anxiety or fear of the dentist, sedation is still useful for ordinary patients seeking a comfortable experience. It is also used for patients with disabilities or any conditions that may interfere with the treatment process.

Sedation is Not Safe

Like with every other medical procedure, there are steps to be followed to prevent complications. In the case of sedation, the dentist will first evaluate your candidacy to determine if sedation is appropriate for you. You can consider getting laughing gas sedation near Tomball, TX as it remains the safest for most people.

It is common to experience some mild side effects depending on the sedation used, but it should be nothing to warrant worry. For most of the part, you may just experience a bit of drowsiness as the sedative wears off your system and in a matter of yours, you will be your normal self.

It is Very Expensive

Compared to the value you are getting at the end of it, sedation is a worthy investment. Since there are different options to choose from, you can always pick what you find affordable. Most insurance policies have the procedure covered too. Some clinics also allow you to choose a comfortable payment plan so that you don’t miss out on the benefits of sedation.

Tamborello Dentistry provides sedation dentistry services to all patients in the Magnolia, TX, area. We are open 4 days a week on weekdays and you can call or book an appointment to learn more about how we can make your dental visits more pleasant.

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