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At Tamborello Dentistry in Magnolia, TX, we believe providing patients with preventative dental care is extremely important. For this reason, we provide dental sealants to our patients. Although at-home care such as brushing and flossing are essential for optimal oral health, certain areas of the mouth may not be reachable or easily cleaned. This is where tooth sealants come in; they help protect areas of your mouth you may not reach every day.

What Are Dental Sealants?

At Tamborello Dentistry we offer both clear and tooth-colored dental sealants for our patients. Both types of dental sealants are applied to the surface of teeth, protecting your teeth from plaque, cavities, and decay. Depending on your oral hygiene and other lifestyle choices, your dental sealants can last for several years.

For dental sealants in Pinehurst, Hufsmith, Shenandoah, Tomball and The Woodlands, TX, contact your dentist in 77354 today!

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Most people’s teeth have pits and grooves on the chewing surfaces, making it harder to successfully brush, floss, and clean your teeth. When dental sealants are applied to the tooth, it seals these pits and grooves, forming a protective layer. This deters plaque buildup, cavity formation, and decay by making teeth cleaning easier. While most patients can benefit from dental sealants, we strongly advise them for children.

Without dental sealants on your teeth, you may be more likely to have cavities, plaque, and decay. The treatment takes just minutes to help ensure you won’t need fillings or other invasive treatments down the road.

Want to make sure you and your loved ones’ teeth are protected? Contact our dental office in Magnolia, TX today! We’d be happy to schedule an appointment and get your teeth protected.

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