Do Clear Aligners Actually Work?

Feb 06, 2018

For many people, when they think of teeth straightening, they picture a mouth full of uncomfortable metal braces. Adults can put off getting their teeth straightened because they don’t want to deal with the annoyance of braces. When some people first hear about clear aligners as a replacement for traditional metal braces for straightening their teeth, their initial response is “how can that possibly work?” We are so accustomed to teeth straightening is an uncomfortable and annoying process, that we immediately become suspicious of such an easy method to straighten the teeth that seems too easy.

So how do clear braces actually work?

Instead of cementing brackets to each tooth and connecting them via wires to move them into position, ClearCorrect aligners take a subtler approach. Your dentist in Magnolia will help create a vision of your perfect smile, and an aligner will be made for each step of the process. The aligner is worn for a few weeks, and when it has accomplished its job, the next aligner is swapped out in order to continue the process.

The clear aligners are barely visible to others, making the wearer much less self-conscious. Certain activities like eating and public speaking can often be a struggle with traditional metal braces. The clean-up after a meal is a hassle, and many people have their speech affected by braces. Clear Correct aligners can be taken out whenever necessary. Meals can be enjoyed without the worry of a difficult cleanup, and you can give your presentation at work without worrying about your words getting muffled.

The clear aligners will continue to do their job as long as it is worn 22 hours a day, so you get the comfort of choosing the times when you take it out. Clear aligners can help take care of issues such as teeth spacing problems, alignment issues, overcrowding, under/overbites and rotated/crooked teeth.

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