Extra Smile Protection With Dental Sealants

Sep 21, 2018

Most parents are committed 100 percent to safeguarding their children’s health and well-being. It is the top priority that often requires the help of a village. This includes protecting a child’s teeth and passing good dental care habits. Your Magnolia, TX dentist and dental staff also play a role in protecting your child’s smile. Regular visits to Tamborello Dentistry near you for routine exams and teeth cleanings allow our dentist to diagnose and treat potential issues as they arise. In addition, we offer the extra cavity-fighting protection of dental sealants. Tooth sealants provide an added layer of security for better oral health.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Sealants are thin protective layers that get painted onto the chewing surfaces of back teeth. The molars and premolars that handle most of the chewing are full of deep pits and grooves and are most in need of the acrylic barrier that keeps plaque, bacteria and food debris out. Therefore, dental sealants reduce the risk of decay and cavities because the barrier makes it more difficult for oral bacteria to collect on tooth surfaces and erode enamel. Since dental sealants are biodegradable, over time the layer will gradually disappear.

Paired with Good Smile Care

Typically, dental sealants near you can last for about a decade or more. During routine dental exams, your Magnolia dentist will check the sealants for signs of wear and tear to be sure they are still providing protection. The best way to protect your child’s teeth for life is to teach kids to be vigilant about overall health and oral hygiene. Tooth sealants in Magnolia, TX add an extra layer of assurance. This extra protection can be very important in maintaining peace of mind about your dental care and oral health.

Are Dental Sealants Right For Your Child’s Smile?

Ask Dr. Tamborello about how dental sealants can help protect your child’s smile. Do you think dental sealants could be right for you? Call our nearby dental clinic in Magnolia, TX to schedule a consultation today, or book an appointment online with our cosmetic dentist near you!

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