Our Smiles Love Healthy Snacks

Dec 28, 2017

There is a number of reasons to keep away from constantly snacking on sugary foods. You know it’s easier to keep a healthy figure when you eat healthy, but did you know that you can make your teeth happy, too?

Snacking Factors Can Increase Dental Decay Risk

The two major snacking factors that influence cavities and tooth decay are as such:

  • The sugar content of the snack
  • The amount of time snacks are in contact with your teeth

The more frequently you eat snacks, the more time that sugar stays in contact with your teeth. This leads to the development of bacteria and cavities. Snacks that are lower in sugar content aren’t as much of a problem if they are consumed more often because these snacks are much better for your teeth.

Consider the Texture of Your Snack Foods

The texture of what you eat can also have a bearing on how long it will linger on your teeth. Sticky, gummy, and soft foods can stick into the crevices of your teeth and for much longer than hard and crunchy foods. The texture can potentially have even a bigger bearing on cavities than the sugar content of your foods when your teeth are concerned. If you drink a sugary drink but rinse right afterward, then the sugar has almost no chance to stick to the enamel of your teeth, reducing the likelihood of developing a cavity.

Oral Health and Whole Body Health is Connected

It’s hard for people to believe, but the health of your teeth is connected to many bodily functions and even your overall health. Even heart function is potentially harmed by letting your teeth go uncared for. If you want a healthy body, a healthy life, and a healthy smile, then it’s best to get your snacking under control. Visit Tamborello Dentistry For Dental Treatments.

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