Reasons For Tooth Extraction

Mar 16, 2019

Extraction of teeth may sound scary because many believe that it can be painful but expert dentists at Tamborello Dentistry can help you obtain comfortable tooth extraction surgery. Sometimes general procedures are not efficient enough to solve the dental issues and thus tooth extraction surgery is suggested. There are reasons for choosing tooth extraction surgery.


Tooth extraction is only suggested when the decay is severe and treatment of such decay is not possible with general dental treatments like crown, bridges and dental implants. In cases when the decay has reached beyond and removal is necessary, tooth extraction surgery is suggested for a patient. Such surgeries are always suggested after proper analysis of decay or trauma. By removing the decayed tooth, it is made sure that the infection does not spread to other teeth and to suggest further treatment.


Sometimes extra large teeth can cause major issues in biting and eating and this is the reason why teeth extraction treatments are suggested. Tamborello Dentistry also offers tooth extraction surgery for orthodontic treatment. When patient expressed the need for teeth straitening, often teeth extraction are done for braces. This may help attain symmetry of teeth for better appearance and eating.


Sometimes an extra tooth grown in late 20s can create general dental issues and in such cases, tooth extraction surgery is suggested. Such wisdom tooth which is painful or is extremely large than other teeth and is creating issues must be removed. Tooth extraction treatment is only used for that wisdom tooth removal which is actually creating issues for the patient. Tooth extraction is also essential for that wisdom tooth which has attained an abnormal angle or is infected.


Losing milk teeth is a normal process in children. Primary teeth lose and new teeth grow but if a child still has milk teeth, tooth extraction treatment is suggested. Tamborello Dentistry treats such children with utmost care and comfort. By removing these teeth, it is ensured that adult teeth will come in right stage.

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