Sick of All Those Fillings? Take Care of Your Teeth!

Jan 30, 2018

An astonishing number of Americans have one or more untreated cavities. There are countless reasons for serious tooth decay, but all fall under the guise of poor oral hygiene. Some patients are always getting cavities filled and that is more than inconvenient, it is quite costly and often avoidable.

Preventing Dental Issues

There are simple steps you can take to avoid serious decay and the constant need for tooth fillings. Preventing dental issues requires regular routine dental care. This is an essential part of good oral hygiene. Professional dental health check-ups, allow your dentist to prevent and treat problems as they arise.

In addition, there are ways to prevent serious tooth decay at home:

  • Scale Back Your Unhealthy Habits: If you are bound by an insatiable sweet tooth, you may constantly be putting your oral health in jeopardy. Sugar-laden foods that are high in starch and carbs provide a hearty feast for bacteria inside the oral cavity. If you really want to avoid serious decay limit or eliminate sugary snacks from your daily diet. In addition, quit smoking or never start using any tobacco products. This is a very unhealthy habit that increases your risk of developing dental issues. You don’t need to rid yourself of every vice but be sure to scale back for improved well-being.
  • Address Dry Mouth Immediately: Having ample saliva production is necessary for preventing dental issues. Saliva clears away bacteria and leftover food particles that would otherwise accumulate and damage teeth. Address dry mouth immediately for better oral health. Remember, unhealthy habits like smoking and alcohol use can contribute to dry mouth symptoms.
  • Brush and Floss Much More Than Once a Day: Some patients think they can evade cavities by only flossing occasionally and brushing their teeth once each day. This is bad practice if you want healthy natural teeth for the long-term. You should always brush twice daily, once in the morning and again before bed, and floss at least one time during the day, or at night.

If you have experienced a dental trauma, are overdue for a tooth filling, or need to schedule a routine professional cleaning, it is important to visit your dentist.

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