the four types of malocclusion you may be suffering from

Jul 16, 2019

A smiling face is the biggest asset that one can have. A crooked smile can lower your face value. It becomes very difficult to ascertain whether you are suffering from any kind of malocclusion. You can visit your nearest Orthodontist, to learn more about it. Malocclusion is the misalignment of the teeth and the resultant bite. Here we list four types of malocclusion for more reference.

Open Bite:

This is a kind of malocclusion where the front teeth do not overlap the lower teeth. The bite mainly affects the anterior opening between both the upper and lower jaws. The bite results from thumb sucking and tongue thrusting habits. You will realize that when you chew your food, there would be a gap between both jaws.


An increased overlap of the lower front teeth is known as an overbite. You will unknowingly bite your gums with your front teeth. Generally, overbites are hereditary. But in a few cases, they are also caused because of nail-biting.


The upper jaw gets horizontally projected over the lower jaw. A huge gap is created between both jaws. There may be a variety of reasons for it. It may be because of a large upper jaw, a small lower jaw, or a combination of them both.


When your upper teeth bite is inside your lower teeth, it is a crossbite. Crossbite can affect both your jaws as well as the front and the back teeth. This results from continuous thumb sucking, genetics, misaligned or missing teeth.

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You know that you deserve a lot. You always deserve that beautiful smile on your face. At any point in time, you might be suffering from any kind of malocclusion that has been listed above. However, it is very essential that it gets identified at a very initial stage. There are various mechanisms, for instance, braces, to get it corrected.

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