tooth extraction what you need to know

Tooth Extraction: What You Need to Know?

Oct 01, 2022

Undergoing a dental extraction procedure may seem nerve-wracking. However, with sedation dentistry, the process is painless. Tooth Extractions in Magnolia are performed based on the condition of your affected tooth. Our specialists do all they can to preserve your tooth from permanent loss, but dental extractions become the last resort if it’s impossible. Here’s your guide on all you need to know as you prepare to undergo the procedure.

How to Prepare for Your Dental Extraction

Before your tooth is pulled out, your specialist evaluates your medical history and evaluates the condition of your dental. The tooth shape, length, position, and condition determine the type of dental extraction you’ll undergo and the type of sedation to be administered. Before the procedure is done, the area around your affected tooth must be numbed to alleviate pain. Additionally, our dentist Magnolia, TX, may recommend you avoid certain medications before you undergo an extensive surgical extraction procedure.

Types of Dental Extraction

Dental extraction procedures may involve simple or surgical extraction as discussed below:

Simple extraction procedure: The procedure is performed on a visible tooth above your gum line. It requires a local anesthetic and is relatively painless and quick compared to the surgical process. It involves loosening your tooth before it’s pulled from the sockets, and it involves using simple and oral tissue’s friendly equipment.

Surgical Extraction Procedure: The process is quite complex compared to a simple extraction. It involves an invasive incision into your gum tissues and sometimes removing your gum tissue or bone for your tooth extraction. Sedation dentistry is applicable during the procedure. You are likely to remain unconscious during the entire process. Our dentist Magnolia TX recommends this type of dental extraction if you are undergoing extraction for an impacted wisdom tooth.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Your personalized dental condition may compel you to undergo dental extraction. The procedure is viable if you need to prevent a potential dental health issue or remove the problematic existing tooth. Our dentist Magnolia, TX, may extract your tooth based on various compelling factors, including:

  • Creating room for orthodontic work-your tooth may be extracted to allow for teeth alignment. If your teeth are overcrowded, some may be pulled out.
  • Impacted wisdom tooth- the development of wisdom teeth leads to pressure on the adjacent teeth and may lead to damage. Additionally, if your wisdom tooth is impacted, then dental extraction would be ideal.
  • Severely decayed tooth- if you have cavities that have eroded the enamel and partly exposed the pulp, a dental extraction would be an ideal option.
  • Oral Malocclusion- if some of your teeth are misaligned or disrupt your normal bite, they can be pulled out to allow for proper bites.
  • Sinus pain and pressure- your molars may exert pressure on your sinuses, leading to severe pain.
  • Periodontal disease- gum disease causes your gums to be inflamed. Also, having gingivitis makes it difficult to clean your teeth effectively due to irritation and sensitivity.

Aftercare is needed when the extraction is done

After undergoing tooth extractions in Magnolia, TX, our specialist provides you with preventive tips to aid your recovery. The post-surgery instructions are vital, and you need to seek clarity and follow them precisely to ensure a quick healing process. Here are several tips for a dental extraction recovery:

  • Place gauze on the socket whose tooth has been extracted after undergoing the extraction procedure to enable blood clotting. Your dentist can also provide a cotton pad to bite down for about 10 minutes to manage your bleeding.
  • Place a cold pack of ice on your cheek to prevent facial swelling.
  • Avoid hard foods and stick exclusively to a soft diet.
  • Rinse using salt water after 24 hours to prevent bacteria
  • Avoid smoking which weakens the healing process
  • Maintain an upright posture and avoid engaging in strenuous activities to enhance recovery.
  • Avoid using straw and spitting for the next 24 hours to enable blood clotting.

Final Word

Undergoing a dental extraction can be daunting, but at times it remains the last resort. However, our specialists at Tamborello Dentistry – Magnolia, TX, ensure your tooth is pulled out with minimal pain. So don’t hesitate to visit our dental office for a dental extraction procedure today.

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