Top 6 Services Offered in Pediatric Dentistry

May 01, 2021

Children deserve as much care for their oral health as is given to the rest of their body health. Unfortunately, not many parents pay attention to their children’s dental health, unless there is an underlying oral issue. Eventually, the oral health of children deteriorates as they grow older.

Pediatric dentistry in Magnolia, TX, exists for the sole purpose of caring for the oral needs of children. The care offered to children caters to different ages, right from infancy to the teenage years. If you maintain a consistent effort to visit a pediatric dentist near you throughout the life of your child, they stand to benefit a lot in their oral health.

What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

It is a dental specialty designed for children. It caters to all the oral needs that kids may have, right from infancy throughout their teenage years. The dental experts in pediatric dentistry are versed and well trained in caring for the changing oral needs of children.

Even before your child starts teething, there are infant lessons that a dentist can help you master on how to care for your child’s mouth. These tips and lessons will continue to change and advance as your child grows up and their oral composition changes.

Types of Services to Expect in A Pediatric Dental Clinic

As you wrap your mind around what to expect on the first dental visit with your child, perhaps learning more about the services typical in pediatric dental care will help you appreciate the role of dentists for kids. Some of those services include:

  1. Fluoride treatment – it is a common treatment given to children that are in their cavity-prone ages, usually between 6 and 14 years old. It involves enriching the teeth with fluoride, a natural element that helps strengthen teeth and fight dental cavities.
  2. Dental sealant application – involves the application of a thin coat of plastic-like filling on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. It is a preventive technique used in dentistry to help fight dental cavities and dental decay. The sealant is applied to fill in the pits and depressions found on the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars. This way, they make oral hygiene much more effective, while preventing the build-up of plaque and tartar in those tiny quarters of teeth.
  3. Orthodontics – it is a pretty common oral procedure in pediatric dentistry near Magnolia, TX, done to straighten teeth. It involves the use of oral braces to move and rotate teeth so they are properly aligned on the jawbone.
  4. Dental cleaning – it is a professional dental service often offered by a dental hygienist to help boost oral hygiene. The prices in love thorough teeth brushing, flossing, and sometimes root planing and scaling. It is beneficial for removing plaque and tartar on teeth to help sustain good oral health. Further, dental cleanings encourage routine dental visits, where dental exams are conducted prior to every deep cleaning session.
  5. Tooth extractions – as children grow up, they need to have their baby teeth removed to make room for adult teeth. While you can help pull out your child’s teeth at home, sole teeth can prove to be stubborn. A kids’ dentist in Magnolia, TX, can help extract the stubborn teeth. Better yet, the dentist may recommend using space maintainers once the tooth is removed. The maintainers are oral appliances that help save space for adult teeth that may take time before they erupt. Using space maintainers can help your child avoid going through orthodontic treatments in the future since teeth will be properly aligned as they grow.
  6. Nutritional and habit counseling – did you know that a dentist in pediatric dentistry in 77354 can help improve the nutritional habits of your child. This service covers different aspects, ranging from the introduction of healthy meal choices to correcting poor oral habits. Some of the bad oral habits that a dentist can help your child change include discontinuing the use of a pacifier, biting nails, or crushing hard foods like candy.


It is never too late to get your child started in pediatric dental care, more importantly, before there is a dental emergency to attend to. If you have more questions about how to get started, book an appointment with our pediatric dentists in Magnolia, TX, for this and more.

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