Want to Have Whiter Teeth but Are Affected by Cavities? Here Is How You Can Succeed in Your Goal

Dec 01, 2020

The popularity of teeth whitening has increased significantly for good reasons. The treatment offers a quick remedy to turn yellow teeth into pearly whites. However, before you get excited about the treatment, it will help if you understood the therapy is not for everyone. It is not an option if you have cavities or tooth decay affecting you.

Teeth whitening treatments are offered by every second professional claiming they can give you pearly whites in one or two procedures. However, most don’t disclose the fact that whitening gels don’t get along well with cavities. It is why you must initially contact the dentist in Magnolia, TX, to determine whether you are suitable for the treatment.

Dentists use concentrated whitening gels, and the chemicals can irritate overly sensitive teeth. Healthy teeth also confront sensitivity after teeth whitening treatments. Unfortunately, a tooth with a cavity causes significant irritation when it comes into contact with the bleaching solution. Hydrogen peroxide, the bleaching agent, can cause permanent ruin to a tooth with a hole.

What Can You Do If You Want Teeth Whitening in Spite of the Cavities?

As a decayed tooth will become incredibly sensitive, you need to discuss the treatment with teeth whitening in Magnolia, TX. If more than one tooth is affected by a cavity, you will likely experience some painful days after undergoing teeth whitening. However, this dentist in Magnolia provides treatment for the tooth cavities before proceeding with the teeth whitening treatment. After your dentist has corrected the problems with the affected teeth, you can proceed with your chosen method to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

You must bear in mind that if you have restorations like crowns or veneers, they are unlikely to benefit from teeth whitening treatments. You may have one of your teeth appear whiter than the other teeth in such cases, primarily if it is located in a visible place.

Always Get Teeth Whitening Treatments from a Professional Dentist?

Before having teeth whitening treatments or even considering them, it is incredibly essential for you to contact a qualified dental professional or facility like teeth whitening near the Woodlands, TX, for best results. After you discuss with the dentist, you can use toothpaste, whitening trays, or whitening strips. It is always ideal for getting a professional opinion when considering any treatment to change the color and appearance of your teeth, even if you maintain excellent oral hygiene.

You will undoubtedly feel better after you receive approval from a professional dentist. After that, you can either have your teeth professionally whitened using an in-office treatment provided by the dentist or purchase at-home teeth whitening trays dispensed by the dental professional. These methods are the best to achieve your goal of having whiter and brighter teeth despite having cavities affecting you.

Teeth whitening near the Woodlands, TX, provides professional in-office teeth whitening and at-home teeth whitening trays. The dental professionals at the facility will treat your cavities initially and request you to return for the whitening by scheduling another appointment. The multiple visits may appear as a challenge but are necessary to overcome the obstacles your specific situation offers.

It will help if you understand the multiple visits are to ensure your treated teeth have healed entirely before the whitening gel is applied to your teeth. The dentist supervises the treatment to ensure your cheeks and gums are protected with a rubber dam before applying the concentrated whitening gel and leaves it in place for about 15 minutes. The applications are repeated at 15-minute intervals for about an hour, after which your teeth are rinsed off, and fluoride is applied. At the end of the treatment, you will have whiter and brighter teeth by about three to eight shades.

You can purchase the at-home teeth whitening trays to maintain the results of in-office teeth whitening. However, you will benefit significantly if you brush and floss your teeth twice a day and visit the dentist every six months for cleanings and exams. If you want to maintain the whitening results longer, you must avoid staining foods and beverages and avoid tobacco in any form.

Teeth whitening with cavities is not challenging as it is claimed to be. Your dentist has the arrangements to treat the cavities before providing you with a remedy to whiten your teeth and make you appear better than you are.

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