What Are Dental Implants, And Who Qualifies for Them?

Oct 01, 2021


Are you looking for a long-term replacement for missing teeth? Dental implants are suitable options. Trauma, tooth decay, and aging are significant causes of missing teeth. Dental implants in Magnolia, TX, are safe, professional, and long-lasting.

However, not all people qualify for dental implants. This article discusses the type of dental implant and who qualifies for it.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are surgical fixtures placed in the jawbone to replace a missing tooth root. They look like natural teeth and are a long-term solution for missing teeth. Most dental implants are from titanium, making them easy to integrate into the jaw bone.

Who Qualifies for A Dental Implant?

Before getting a dental implant near you, a dentist near Magnolia will examine the area that needs the implant to ascertain if the patient qualifies for a dental implant. The ideal candidate for a dental implant surgery should have;

  • Good overall body and oral health
  • Healthy gum tissues free from periodontal disease
  • Adequate jaw bone mass

Types Of Dental Implants

There are two types of dental implants. Endosteal implants are usually placed in the jaw bone. The implants can hold multiple prosthetic teeth, and it is a suitable alternative for dental bridges and removable dentures

Subperiosteal implants are suitable for patients that can’t use dentures or have a minimal bone mass. This type of implant is placed on the jaw, and the metal framework protrudes through the gums to hold prosthetic teeth

Structure Of a Dental Implant

The dental implant structure consists of 3 parts: the screw, abutment, and crown. The screw is a tiny titanium device that works as an artificial tooth root while the abutment connects the screw and crown. In addition, the crown is the replacement tooth, and it may be from porcelain or metal.

Dental Implants Procedure

If you qualify for dental implants, your dentist near Magnolia will discuss an appropriate treatment plan with you. You get a local anesthetic that numbs the surgical area and numbs you to any pain during the procedure. If the site of dental implants contains a damaged tooth, the first step will be to extract the tooth.

Afterward, the dentist will have to carry out a bone graft surgery to reinforce the bone for an implant. This procedure requires about two to six months of healing. Once the jawbone is strong enough for an implant, the dentist uses a special drill to place the dental implants. Afterward, the implant takes about six months to heal. During this time, the jawbone fuses with the implant.

When the surgical site heals, the dentist will check for any sign of an infection and also test if the implant fuses successfully with the jawbone. Next, the dentist fixes a prosthetic in the dental implant; this serves as an abutment to hold the replacement tooth. Afterward, the dentist takes an impression of your mouth to create a custom-made tooth.


After getting a dental implant in 77354, it is normal to feel slight discomfort. This discomfort should subside within a few days, especially when you take painkillers and prescribed medications. In case your symptoms worsen, visit your dentist immediately. After Care Tips that can speed up your recovery process include;

  • Avoid rinsing your mouth
  • Do not spit or use straws
  • Avoid smoking
  • Don’t disturb the surgical site with your tongue or fingers
  • Restrict movement and physical exertion for about 24 hours
  • Avoid hot drinks, spicy foods, and alcohol
  • After 24 hours, use a warm salt solution to rinse your mouth, especially after meals


Although getting a dental implant near you may require a long time to install, it is a durable replacement teeth option worth the wait. You can get professional dental implants in the 77354 area when you visit our dental clinic.

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