Why You Should Choose Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dec 12, 2018

If you’re like most people, you’ll develop a cavity at some point in your life. This is typically handled with a filling. Ten years ago, people really only had the choice of a metal alloy material for fillings. This was noticeable when you laughed or smiled. However, today you can choose a filling that’s made of a tooth-colored composite. You can even replace your old silver fillings. This makes for an attractive and more natural-looking smile.


Composite fillings are created from glass particles and tooth-colored plastic that creates a mixture that’s then placed into your cavity, one layer at a time. Each of the layers is going to be hardened in place with a special light before the next layer is put on. This will create both strength and durability. Once your filling is in place, the dentist is going to polish the filling in order to prevent staining and to make it appear more natural.
There is a great advantage to composite fillings and that’s the appearance of them. Your dentist in Magnolia is capable of mixing different shades together to create a customized composite that will match the color of the rest of your natural teeth. People won’t even know you have a filling at this point! They will also bond with your teeth better and therefore will help the structure of the tooth preventing further breakage and decay.

Composite Bonding

The composite resin used in fillings can also be used for other cosmetic purposes. It can be used to fill in gaps in your teeth, chips, and cracks. It is more affordable and a less damaging way to cause your teeth to appear more attractive. Your dentist is going to prep a small amount of the tooth for the composite to attach to, and then each layer will be added. Once the composite is hardened by the special light, the dentist will polish and shape the composite, so it matches the rest of your mouth.

Why Choose Tooth-Colored Fillings

Silver (amalgam) fillings can make people feel self-conscious of their mouth and make them want to smile with their mouths closed or cover their mouths up when they’re laughing. You can make your teeth appear better, you can help with the health of your teeth, and you can make your teeth more functional, all by choosing tooth-colored fillings.

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