X-Rays: Are They Safe for Children?

Aug 01, 2019

X-rays are an important aspect of medical field as they help in diagnosis process. It plays a significant role in dentistry as well. Whether adults or children, it helps in getting an idea of the underlying situation so that a plan of treatment can be decided. However, the pertinent question is, if x-rays are safe for children.

Dental X-Rays: What Are They For?

The dental x-rays allow the dentist in Magnolia to get the inside look of your child’s teeth and jaw. This can help them in finding, if there’s any underlying issue, which they are not able to see with naked eyes. Some children have extra teeth and they may need braces in the future. The x-ray comes into picture here as it helps the dentist in foreseeing it. Let’s explore more.

Are X-Rays Safe?

There are many people who wonder if x-rays are safe, especially for the kids. The answer is yes, they are absolutely safe. According to the American Dental Association as well as The National Council of Radiation Protection and Measurements, the amount of radiation we get exposed to during our entire lifetime is negligible. The average dose of radiation in the USA is 6.2 millisieverts per year. It has been estimated that only 3.1 mSv come from natural sources and 3.1 mSv from man-made sources. Half of the man-made radiation exposure is when a CT scan is done.

The state’s laws in any country have set the standards for using radiation. The pediatric dental clinic complies with the laws and regulations about the frequency of dental x-rays. They try to use low-dose radiation, x-rays to keep the kids as safe as possible.

Kid’s Dentist in Magnolia

It can be said that the benefits of x-rays are far more than the negligible risks they are exposed to. If the dental issues remain undetected, they can take a big form and cause more trouble. It won’t only be painful, but will also need an invasive and expensive procedure for treatment. Thus, x-ray helps in examining and diagnosing, so that the right treatment can be suggested.

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