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Cavities/Decay and Teeth Whitening: Not a Good Combination

Teeth whitening treatments have been gaining momentum in the field of Dentistry over the past few years where due to an influx of social media presence, many people want to keep their teeth Hollywood ready. Teeth whitening treatments are a convenient option for those that want quick results from transforming yellow teeth to pearly white. However, before you get too excited at the opportunity of whiter teeth, it’s important to understand that teeth whitening is not for every single patient, including those that are prone to cavities and tooth decay. In the following article we will discuss how tooth decay and teeth whitening are not a good pair.

Cavities and Teeth Whitening—Not a Good Combination

Cavities and whitening gels do not get along very well. The bleach that’s utilized in whitening agent is mostly hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide as a chemical that can irritate overly sensitive teeth, and even a healthy tooth can become irritated when whitening with bleach. With that in mind, and unhealthy tooth, or one that has a cavity, can be allowed to have significant irritation if coming in contact with tooth whitening bleach.

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Tooth Decay and Teeth Whitening…Also Not a Good Idea

In the same way, a tooth with decay in it will also be moved and irritated to become much more sensitive. The best way to receive a tooth whitening treatment is by having healthy teeth. Even if one of your teeth is not healthy, you may be in pain for a few days. It is important to discuss with your dentist before making any rash decisions about whether or not teeth whitening is the right treatment for you. It’s also important to remember that those with dental works such as crowns and bridges may not see any results of teeth whitening.

ALWAYS See a Dentist Prior to Teeth Whitening

As stated in the above paragraph, in order to know whether or not you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, you must visit your local dentist. If you live in Magnolia, TX, or the area surrounding it, the highly trained Dental professionals at Tamborello Dentistry would love the opportunity to get to know you and your dental circumstances. By giving us a call or sending us an email, a consultation appointment can be schedule to find out whether or not you are the right candidate for teeth whitening. We will be anxiously be awaiting your call!

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